Wednesday, January 20, 2010

At a Loss for Words

It's not often that you'll find me without a suitable retort.

After all my years of Improv and Playback I'm pretty quick on the verbal to speak.  So it definitely bears noting when I get left at a loss for words...not once...but TWICE.  

In One Day

And both times involved my role in the Vagina Monologues. 

(a little background for those not in the know:  my Monologue is called "The Woman Who Liked To Make Vaginas Happy"   and my character is a sex worker...a Dominatrix...who specializes in doing sex work with Women)

So this afternoon, after I finish working some blocking, my daughter (she's almost 8) looks at me and asks:
"So...what's YOUR part Mommy?"   "Who do YOU play?"  

(pause) you wanna help me out here?

{{How do you explain a Dominatrix to an 8 year old?}} a woman who helps other women find power through their sexuality.  

{{DUDE!!! that was quite the challenge}}

Ok so then I'm at rehearsal.  Our newest cast member is 17 (she'll turn 18 opening night) and she is there with her mother (who is in the Ensemble) and her younger sister.    Soooo.....  I get up to get things set up for my piece.   I'm wearing a black silk camisole top edged with lace and 3 inch heel black Fuck-Me pumps and carrying my prop.   A black leather split tip riding crop.

The girl looks at me and in the sweetest most innocent voice asks:  "Is that a fly-swatter?"




Mom mentions that her daughter is very innocent.  

I was like..."um...not after THIS piece she won't be"  

TWICE in ONE DAY!   Who woulda thunk it?