Saturday, January 16, 2010

Roll the Bones.

My control demon must be having a field day with's like everything that can possibly be left to chance is being thrown into the air like a pair of dice in a craps game.  

Roll the bones babe...

And the kicker?   I don't CARE about it being all up in the air except for the kids sake.   I'd like to have some idea of where we land so they aren't tossed about like dice on a casino table.  

If it was just Mark and I ...heck...roll it baby and lets see what comes up.   Ride into the sunset and let each day bring what it will bring.   I don't want to do that to them thought.   the move is hard enough. 

Had to tell them we are looking to rehome the cats the other day.   Julian took it very hard.   Georgie is his twin...they are the same age and they have been together as long as he can remember.   Man that ripped out my heart.   Jude asks for so little in life...I want to give him his kitty.  

We're looking to sell the payroll company though so maybe that will come through.   If we can get enough from that to cover moving expenses then life is golden.   It's amazing how calm I am in the midst of having no clue what comes next.   That's a good thing....I think.

Roll dem bones bay-bee....

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