Sunday, August 7, 2011

In Between the Dark and the Light.

"The brightest lights shine best out of the darkness...sometimes I wonder if we don't create the dark in order to bring out the light and give it it's proper setting"

This was my status on facebook the other day.   It's kind of a personal and global rumination I've been having.   I was thinking about how most of my poetry has come out of a very dark place...almost as if it needed the darkness to be born.
It seems like a lot of art comes out of suffering.   I began to wonder if those who are creative make or invite in their own darkness in order to kindle the light.  
Then I began to think globally, about how the greatest 'lights' of the world are always set against the darkest times...and I wonder if humanity doesn't sometimes create the darkness to set off the light.   OR because we need the light and we won't find it unless it contrasts with the dark.

How much does the darkness call forth the light in our souls...and how much do we crave the darkness in order to better see the light?