Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Some 2011 musings

It's been a year of changes....and a year of unexpected blessings...and losses. 

It's the unexpected blessings that plant the deepest seeds ....and the unexplained and unexpected losses that leave the deepest scars

Blessings and Love to all those who have touched my life....near and far, intimately or in passing. You have left your footprint on my soul and I am grateful

sometimes the wounds run deep...and when the flimsy scabs are ripped off...the pain reaches out and encompasses the innocent

I may sometimes doubt where life has taken us...and the path we are on. I may sometimes feel that things should be different or easier. One thing I never doubt is my choice to travel this road with you. One thing I know is that we were made for each other. 
Whatever else life throws at me...I know the choice to spend my life with you was the best choice I ever made

A world in which everyone is the same is like a garden in which there is only one flower

What you are calling power is what I tend to define as inner strength. There is true strength in stillness and flexibility. Being strong enough to allow for beliefs other than your own without feeling threatened or defensive. 
I can be powerful or strong in my vulnerability because it allows me to feel compassion and empathy....emotions that can reveal and implement change. Being strong enough...powerful enough to bend...to change. Like the waves of the ocean there is power in fluidity. There is power in love and love can effect true change where fear cannot.

The beauty of the rainbow lies in the diversity and harmony of all it's colors....it is a poor rainbow that only admits one hue.

to assist others on their journey first you must blaze your own trail

I love it when you meet the people that on some level you have known forever

Labeling and stereotyping do more damage than anything else because they tends to dehumanize and therefor perpetuate discrimination

People love extremes like "always" and "never" forgetting that life is not a black and white line drawing.

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