Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Journey Begins

The Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with a single least that's the here is my stepping off place. Bilbo Baggins in LOTR likened the road to a dangerous River that can sweep you onwards into unknown adventure simply by your stepping out your front door. So I am dipping my it were...testing the waters.
I love to journal but always seem to stop or have trouble finding the time to write. With nursing Rowan though I seem to spend lots of time at the computer; might as well use it to my advantage and try my hand at an online journal. It's not quite the same...I can't draw or color...but we'll see how it goes.
It seems fitting that I begin my journey on the Wiccan New Year. I am not one to limit myself to one belief but I like the symbolism of the Wiccan neatly the fit into the cycle of the earth. I think it's time for me to study Wicca a bit more.
I'm on a journey in life too...constantly working on myself; learning, growing,'s a fascinating path; this river of life and you can't fully appreciate it unless you immerse yourself.

I think it's time for a swim.

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