Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Oh Boy...it's been a while

Um...oops. I've been a bit lax...sigh. ok. Catch up time. Let's see...

I started working part time (yay money but boo time away from family) I'm back doing box office for South Pacific Dinner Theatre (my friend is the producer) and I'm now doing reservations as well. That keeps me a bit busy though so I've been lax at writing.

My New Years was good...Rowan enjoyed toasting everyone.

He was tickled pink to have a glass just his size :)

Arietta has now lost TWO teeth (within days of each other) My little girl is getting all grown up.

Julian is still having some trouble with school. We need to meet with his teacher/councellor to help him not fall into a 'victim' pattern.

I started in on a fitness challenege with the board I post on. It's keeping me on track with exercising...I need the accoutability and this holds me to it and keeps me motivated.

Money is still an issue but we are seeing SOME changes (I hate change...lol) so we shall see what 08 brings.

Resolution-wise? Um. Health, Prosperity, Growth, Love, Laughter, Passion, Understanding, Patience...FUN!!!! That is where I want to be and where I want our family to be. In a space of allowing abundance in...builing foundations so we can fly...finding stability and routine to underpin and support our impulsivity.


It's all a process, right?

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