Thursday, December 13, 2007


Sometimes I wonder if people really think about WHY we give gifts. Especially at this time of year. There was a post on one board I frequent where someone wanted to know what to get for 2 people coming to her house. Apparently she "doesn't like" the things they are interested in and didn't want to get a gift card for them because they would buy "nonsense".
Since when did shopping for someone become more about the giver than the recipient?
Since when did choosing a gift bestow upon one the right to be judgemental about another's likes?
I always thought that the point of giving a gift was to make someone ELSE happy. Of course you get something out of it get that wonderful feeling of seeing their face light up because you found something perfect for them.
When did 'obligation' giving or 'one-up-manship' giving become the norm? Giving to look like the better person.
If that is your only reason to shop for this person then, in my opinion, don't bother! You have lost the purpose...the definition of "gift".
I try to teach my children to give from the heart. To take this opportunity to put another's likes and wants before their own and to really see how well they know the person. It's not about the cost of the gift but the thought behind it. THAT is the weight by which a gift should be measured.
Now I don't mean the trite 'it's the thought that counts' excuse for picking whatever. I mean that it's the amount of thought that goes into picking something "just right" for that person.
Thoughtful giving.
Thinking of others.
Letting go of our ego and our need to be better or nicer.
Taking 'ourselves' out of the equation and truely thinking about others.
We gain so much more when we GIFT of our time and hearts and thoughts.
The true purpose of the least for me.


Melanie said...

It got to me too. I was kind of upset about it, although I suppose she's free to feel as she likes. I am a big anime fan myself, so I was a little prickled on several levels, lol. I guess not everyone realizes that giving gifts should be about blessing the other person, not just bringing attention to yourself for giving a gift.

BurningSky said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog..:-)

It's true, the best gifts received are also the ones where you can tell somebody really thought about it. Even gag gifts are great because it shows the person really knows who you are...